About Us

Wipro3D was established in 2012 within Wipro Infrastructure Engineering in Bangalore, and has become a leading provider of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) services throughout India. Having moved into new purpose-built premises in June 2015 we have invested in both additive and world class post processing machines.

Our design team has deep multi-discipline understanding of functional applications and the metallurgical challenges of Additive Manufactured components making us as the leaders of the metal AM industry.

We remain unchallenged as the provider of best metal 3d printed functional components in this geography.

Wipro Design House

The Design House acts as the central nervous system of Wipro3D. Here we work with many organizations which in turn are rigorously exploring on new technology, materials or both. We work with them to bring for the benefits of additive manufacturing design (as against subtractive manufacturing) to bring forth the optimum material usage and display best in class attributes

In AM – there can be multiple designs for the same product. For instance a drill bit can be designed either as fully material, lattice structure or honeycomb structure.
Our design house is fully equipped to experiment for different products & materials different designs which are further qualified for patents. This gives us an edge over others and many times we work with organizations to share IP’s with minimal costs
We also work with end customers to ensure we don’t waste a lot of materials and time whenever we get a new product that needs to be reproduced using AM technology


The design house is staffed by specialists in various fields but with
primary focus on the verticals that we offer

Materials sciences specialist with deep understanding of traditional industrial tools and their applications

Materials sciences specialist with thorough understanding of medical and surgical tools, and their applications

Specialists who understand different grades of plastic and their attributes strength, bio-compatibility, thermal behavior etc

Specialists in the area of sintering, fusion and adhesive binding