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Success in adapting metal 3D printing or AM within your enterprise requires a partner like WIPRO3D, who has end-to-end technical competence, consulting know-how, and multiple engagement models that allow an enterprise to experience, use, and benefits from the technology before making investments or taking a long-term position vis-à-vis technology.

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The Aerospace industry has been at the forefront of adapting Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), where some of the most evolved applications of metal AM can be found in the aerospace sector. Leading OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, and key ecosystem players are engaged in developing mature capabilities in metal AM.

Typical value contribution from Metal Additive Manufacturing comes in form of weight reduction, reduction in sub-assembled parts by creating monolithic designs, ability to realize complex designs, and drastic reduction in lead time to realize components.

The industry has seen varied components such as compressor stators, combustion chambers, impellers, turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, diffusers, volute casings, elements of anti-icing systems, and light structural components being realized through Metal AM and proven out to be flightworthy.

From brackets to compressor stator rings, across a range of metal alloys, WIPRO3D has developed and delivered flightworthy applications of metal AM that have met stringent prove out customer requirements.

WIPRO3D has reimagined and delivered components for a leading Aerospace OEM that have reduced the customer's "design to realize" lifecycles by as much as half or more. While the AM industry continues to work towards "main streaming" the technology, WIPRO3D has developed the capability to understand target prove out requirements of clients and deliver them using our

own practicesin additive engineering, metallurgical handling of builds, coordinated post processing, and a prove-out ecosystem that leverages in-house and partner facilities.

Design for AM or additive engineering as we call it, requires a good understanding of the application, relevant metallurgy, and expert-level control on Additive Manufacturing technology. Wipro delivers a complete solution, from topology optimization and additive reengineering right through to prove out of customer's components.

Apart from Ti6Al4V and Inconel 625 and 718, WIPRO3D offers the ability to adapt new alloys, based on customer applications and business case. We have developed a robust domain understanding in aerospace based on our own research, our technology advisors with deep experience in the field, and in the course of our work with customers.

Wipro is deeply engaged in the aerospace sector and in addition to our AM business, we operate state-of-the-art facilities certified by global players such as Messier Bugatti Dowty, UTAS, and Liebherr for manufacture, assembly, and testing of aerospace actuators and precision machined components, based on a technology transfer agreement with CESA, Spain.

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Our domain experts work closely with customers' engineering, research and development, manufacturing, quality, innovation, and supply chain teams to deliver applications that span prototyping, production, and aftermarket services. We offer solutions in titanium, Inconel, aluminium, and other steels, as well as custom alloys based on customers' application and business cases.

We thoroughly understand the deep interconnection between additive engineering, engineering for AM, multiple build technologies and strategies, post-processing considerations, and finally prove-out considerations that are aimed at meeting customers' production needs. WIPRO3D's proprietary Additive Thinking Framework (ATF) for part selection and adaption for AM applications enables customers to ramp up successes in their metal AM Journey. WIPRO3D Quality Management System (W3D QMS) focuses on establishing a reliable, repeatable, and predictable system of achieving required customer standards. This ensures robust solutions for you as a customer and enables you to reimagine your components.

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