Healthcare organizations across the globe face the challenge of sourcing low-volume, high-quality precision components at an optimum cost. Medical device manufactures constantly face challenges in terms of providing custom solutions to healthcare organizations and practitioners-given the constraints in conventional manufacturing.

Surgical devices, neo natal support systems, blood transfusion systems, and components of imaging equipment are some examples where Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) can play a key role. These medical devices and laboratory equipment components are complex, niche products manufactured in small quantities. In many cases, surgeons need surgical instruments that are customized to their needs, which are few in number and hence very difficult to produce conventionally owing to high set up costs.

WIPRO3D works with medical device/tools designers and manufacturers, as well as surgeons in healthcare organizations to identify the need for special surgical tools and improve the topology and functionality of the component. With our additive engineering expertise, we are able to offer design inputs working with customer’s domain experts that can result in significant improvement in functional effectiveness and ease of use. Be it a highly specialized dialysis filter or a manifold of a neo-natal respiratory ventilator, WIPRO3D provides design driven AM solutions.

Right from prototyping to short series production, working with surgeons or design teams of medical device manufacturers, WIPRO3D offers metal 3D printing solutions, aimed at supporting improvements in healthcare.

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Success in adapting metal 3D printing or AM within your enterprise requires a partner like WIPRO3D, who has end-to-end technical competence, consulting know-how, and multiple engagement models that allow an enterprise to experience, use, and benefits from the technology before making investments or taking a long-term position vis-à-vis technology.

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Our domain experts work closely with customers' engineering, research and development, manufacturing, quality, innovation, and supply chain teams to deliver applications that span prototyping, production, and aftermarket services. We offer solutions in titanium, Inconel, aluminium, and other steels, as well as custom alloys based on customers' application and business cases.

We thoroughly understand the deep interconnection between additive engineering, engineering for AM, multiple build technologies and strategies, post-processing considerations, and finally prove-out considerations that are aimed at meeting customers' production needs. WIPRO3D's proprietary Additive Thinking Framework (ATF) for part selection and adaption for AM applications enables customers to ramp up successes in their metal AM Journey. WIPRO3D Quality Management System (W3D QMS) focuses on establishing a reliable, repeatable, and predictable system of achieving required customer standards. This ensures robust solutions for you as a customer and enables you to reimagine your components.

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