Engineering design, and therefore production of components in the industrial sector, is primarily decided by the technical capabilities of conventional manufacturing techniques that revolve around forming, joining, shaping, and so forth. Conventional techniques are also limited by set up costs, time, minimum quantities that justify a business case, not to mention the geometry constraints imposed by conventional manufacturing.

Be it the realization of redesigning a turbo machinery component such as impeller, an insert in the tooling industry, heat sink of an electronics assembly, or a special tool of robotic arm that handles silicon wafers, WIPRO3D provides solutions that support design iterations and validation through to short series production runs. We support industrial companies that currently face unrelenting market pressures to provide better designed and more effective components to stay competitive and future ready. WIPRO3D provides industrial organizations with both prototyping and short series production capability to iterate a design and move it to production in a fraction of conventional lead times and lesser cost of change.

This WIPRO3D capability leverages our competence

in engineering design and expertise in maximizing design freedom using Additive Manufacturing (AM). Design iterations can be rapidly realized, tested, and improved with real-life feedback on the design as opposed to simulation.

Our application consultants and AM experts work closely with customers’ engineering, research and development, manufacturing, quality, innovation and supply chain functions to deliver applications that span prototyping, production, and aftermarket services for industrial, automotive, and tooling applications.

In case of tooling inserts, complex forms and designs with integrated cooling or tempering channels can easily be improved upon-giving greater cooling efficiency, and thereby increasing the life of the insert, while at the same time enhancing the quality of the manufactured plastic components. The overall cost of using the technology is much lesser considering the set-up costs, rejection rates, and material usage inefficiency present in conventional methods.

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Success in adapting metal 3D printing or AM within your enterprise requires a partner like WIPRO3D, who has end-to-end technical competence, consulting know-how, and multiple engagement models that allow an enterprise to experience, use, and benefits from the technology before making investments or taking a long-term position vis-à-vis technology.

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Our domain experts work closely with customers' engineering, research and development, manufacturing, quality, innovation, and supply chain teams to deliver applications that span prototyping, production, and aftermarket services. We offer solutions in titanium, Inconel, aluminium, and other steels, as well as custom alloys based on customers' application and business cases.

We thoroughly understand the deep interconnection between additive engineering, engineering for AM, multiple build technologies and strategies, post-processing considerations, and finally prove-out considerations that are aimed at meeting customers' production needs. WIPRO3D's proprietary Additive Thinking Framework (ATF) for part selection and adaption for AM applications enables customers to ramp up successes in their metal AM Journey. WIPRO3D Quality Management System (W3D QMS) focuses on establishing a reliable, repeatable, and predictable system of achieving required customer standards. This ensures robust solutions for you as a customer and enables you to reimagine your components.

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