Wipro 3D’s Quality program focuses first on entire process package with the component being the result. Our quality practices have three main objectives: Reliable, Predictable and Repeatable Realization of components.

With quality interventions baked into the entire manufacturing process, Wipro 3D’s quality system or W3D QMS, as we call it, goes beyond regular requirements of system certifications. The eventual aim of any project, that we undertake is to bring metal AM into the mainstream manufacturing process of our customers, or what we call the “productionization” of metal AM.

We have a range of facilities and competencies that we use to do Mechanical Tests, Chemical Analysis, Characterization of Raw Materials, Test bars as well as components. With both in-house and strategic research partnerships, we can comprehensively test and validate process packages as well as components, using both destructive and non-destructive methods. For test rigs, we work with customers to find a collaborative solution.


Wipro 3D Quality Management System (W3D QMS), is a framework based on systematic analysis of factors that impact the entire realization process. Quality factors are analysed based on Extent of control, Extent and type of impact, Monitoring Frequency and feasibility of co-relating Plan Vs Actual results. Some of the key quality influencers that we keep a close eye on, are;


A culture of adherence to pre-set Manufacturing standards by all practitioners, is the lifeline of our quality system. Ongoing refresher training and updates to standards, based on feedback from each project keep our manufacturing standards growing and maturing.


Significant care goes into preparing the Metal AM system, addressing the influence of contamination and atmosphere on the feedstock, preparing the feedstock and planning interventions for achieving required thermal gradients.


Part Geometry is a major driver of Build Strategy. Features, relative dimensions, metal mass, and host of other aspects are factored into the build strategy and plan. Custom parameters may be needed from time to time to achieve planned dimensions, surface finish, hardness and other requirements.


One of the most critical aspects that influence quality, an acceptable build environment is a function of optics performance, inert gas behaviour and quality, thermal gradient management and accurate mechanical subsystems.


Material properties of the feedstock are central to a superior quality component, as well as process predictability. Wipro 3D assesses relevant optical, mechanical, chemical and physical parameters required to characterize, monitor and manage virgin as well as reused feedstock


The core of W3D QMS and around which all other factors revolve is Process Design and Control. Process parameters ( both in-build and post-build), Exposure Strategy, Melt pool considerations and monitoring, synchronised with build environment and post-processing plan are the main elements that need careful design and post-build review.


Perhaps the most under-rated influencer of build quality, quality of data, is one of the main discussion areas of any project. Once typical errors are addressed, we use leading-edge tools to ensure additive engineering inputs are incorporated in the base model, that co-relate with the build strategy and plan.


Special attention is paid to processes a build is subjected to before and after separation from the substrate including residual stresses, adherence to planned and proven out heat treatment cycles, Net shaping to achieve required tolerances and finishes.


All data points of the process, as well as components that are marked out for Plan Vs Actual measurements, are then captured and analyzed for deviations and root cause in case of outliers. Typical targets are dimensions, surface finish, mechanical properties, microstructure, feature fidelity and dispersion of all these, in case of a production run.


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EN 9100: 2018

ISO 9001 : 2015

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