Expected Learning

  • Gain an understanding of what IOT is and its impact on product development
  • Learn about the synergistic use of IOT, AM and other digital technologies the context of Industry 4.0.
  • Define the process for an IoT solution and identify the sensors and other devices required.
  • Learn about the practical aspects of IOT Architecture and Network. Analyse protocols and determine best fit for different IoT applications.
  • Understand aspects of Edge computing for processing, storing and analysing data.
  • Unerstand how IOT data transfer over various communication standard protocols works and how data is managed

Joint ResearchProposals

Wipro has developed technologies and devices together with academic
institutions, funded by multiple programs

Potential research proposal areas

  • Medical devices
  • Electron beam enabled manufacturing
  • AM materials
  • Ceramics for AM
  • IR thermography
  • 3D Printer module development
  • Manufacturing in micro-gravity environment


Wipro is working with top universities in India including IISc, IIITDM, IIT Madras, Sastra, VIT and others in developing technology towards national self-reliance and industry-relevant projects for academics.

Projects have been executed for

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