Additive Manufacturing Service Provider

Metal additive manufacturing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry enabling the rapid production of machine parts focusing on its intrinsic shape along with the reduction in weight and material consumption. Metal additive manufacturing which is also known as metal 3D printing is just layering of metal powders with a binding agent or energy source which produces three-dimensional objects layer by layer with digital transformation for the most demanding applications. Eventhough there are many additive manufacturing service providers in the market, Wipro 3D excels as the leading additive manufacturing service provider for all business verticals.

Wipro 3D plans to be a cross platform metal additive manufacturing service provider with solutions based on Selective Laser Melting or Powder Bed fusion, Electron Beam Melting, Binder Jetting as well as Direct Energy Deposition processes. Wipro 3D serves as the most predominant additive manufacturing service provider for almost all industrial sectors. The current machine capability includes M400, M290 and an M280. Best practices in powder characterization, conditioning, handling storage and tracking are followed on the shop floor including best in class safety and environment monitoring. Infrastructure includes remote (including visual) monitoring of builds.

  • EOS M400
  • EOS M290
  • EOS M280
  • Automatic Powder Handling Module
  • Powder Heating Oven
  • Initiated Development of Custom Metal
  • Deposition Machine
  • Upcoming EBM Machine
  • Upcoming DED Machine
  • Upcoming Binder Jetting Machine
Contract 3d Printing Services


Wipro 3D offers quality assured contract 3d printing services by mastering the technology and methods accompanied with the engineering experts. Our contract 3d printing services focus on the optimum functionality of the component to meet the industry requirements. Our Contract 3d printing services find its wide applications in the Aerospace, Automotive, Apace, Nuclear, Healthcare, Oil & gas and Defense sectors.