Digital Manufacturing and Design for AM are the new tools being used in the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Wipro 3D offers end-to-end services for all your 3D printing requirements. With a combined experience of more than 100 years, our team of dedicated experts help you achieve greater value through efficient manufacturing and streamlined supply chains supported by hassle-free logistics.

We offer 3D Printing solutions from concept development to 3D visual output, from 3D printing with durable material to mono and fully colored outputs, from Analysis/ Inspection to Packaging with custom branded logos and Shipping across the world, we provide a seamless experience throughout your project.

Polymer 3D printing technology allows us to visualize the ultimate requirements of any suitable product and turn them into reality. There are already a number of sectors that have embraced Polymer Additive Manufacturing, such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Education, Medical & Health Care, Fashion designing, Comic world, Jewelry and so many more.