Freedom to Create custom models

Any complicated, detail featured models can be developed out of an image. Your envisioned colors can be perfectly imposed on the models to give the real view which can be 3D Printed with the same actual colors as you see in the final design.

Developing a 3D design of any model using a creative mind with an endless possibilities including textures will be overviewed on the screen/software to visualize the realistic achievable product. Design will resolve so many end moment failures with a practical reasoning before 3d printing of any product.


Build Tech

FFF - Fused Filament Fabrication

FFF is the best competitive manufacturing method to produce prototypes, customized products which can meet every individual’s needs. FFF technology manufacturing process is which deposits a thermoplastic material layer by layer accordingly to develop a product. Batch production of a product using strong and durable materials which are dimensionally stable along with the proper accuracy.


Feeding materials

PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, PET-G, Nylon, Nylon-CF, TPU, TPE, PVA Different unique colors of outputs can be achieved by different colored feeding material

MJF – Multi Jet Fusion

MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) technology can develop more versatile and complex geometrical shapes with no support structure and with Multicolored output. And this technology binds the material using Fused and detailing agents and the thermal inkjet array which creates a great bond to deliver stronger model.



  • PA-12 Nylon material will be used for this printing. Which is stronger and durable material.
  • This can print Fabulous multicolored details on the product and gives aesthetic look.
  • MJF colored print can produce functional parts with optimal mechanical properties
  • Finished product delivery can be done faster.

DLP – (Digital Light Processing)

By processing Digital light in the liquid resin with high intensity, developing the intricate details accurately is possible using this technology. The DLP printing technology can achieve smooth surface finish along with the best material strength.


Standard resins, Tough resins, flexible resins and castable resins can be used. Resin output will produce glass finish outputs

Feed Stock (For all 3D Technology)

Feedstock is Raw material that is used in Additive Manufacturing Technology to get the ultimate output out of it. The feedstock process will be varied from technology-to-technology according to the manufacturing process. The raw material is segregated in three different types in Polymer and Metal additive manufacturing technologies.