Wipro 3D offers AM Consulting,  Additive Design & Engineering, Research & Development Solutions, Prototyping and Production volume Manufacturing services, right up to design, set up and operation of Captive AM centres.

Using our proprietary Additive Adaption Framework, Wipro 3D assesses adaption opportunities for customers, and offers a customised Additive Manufacturing solution from a range of services. Value delivery and business outcome remain a core consideration in our solutions and services, supported by a strong quality framework.



Additive Manufacturing (AM) also known as 3D printing is changing the way we design, develop, manufacture and use products and services. It has the potential to disrupt global supply chains across industries. It holds the promise of reshaping businesses.

With its inherent advantages, AM is playing a significant role in re-engineering, development and production of components and also to an extent in short series production environments.

In the case of organizations, the degree of business impact varies based on the use case, the intensity of adoption as well as the type of industry.

For academic institutions, adoption of the additive technology into the pedagogy has the potential to generate future-ready employable resources and research opportunities in the ecosystem.

As additive design, engineering and manufacturing have evolved, conversations around usage have, over a period of time, shifted from process to materials and from materials to applications.

More recently, with growing end-user awareness and interest, the adoption of AM technology is increasingly becoming the centre of discussion in both enterprises and academic institutions. Businesses are now focussed on the industrialization of this technology for tangible and sustained business outcomes. Academia in both national and global fronts are keenly involved in re-considering their programme and pedagogical practices to include AM in their curricula.


There are various consulting & training programs that offer to address some of these positive influences (illustrated below). However, these offerings are often point solutions either limited to a specific agenda or a business-driven objective


Right identification and co-opting of stakeholders within the enterprise across functions and roles

A clear understanding of various types of AM technologies, their strengths and weaknesses

Resilience in developing, deploying and post-deployment follow up of functional parts

Identification and on-boarding of a strategic partner ecosystem for sustenance and scaling the adaption process

A time-tested change management strategy and governance framework

An OEM agnostic, structured framework for use case and business case identification

Strong fundamentals on AM value chain, Process physics, Additive Engineering principles, pre and post-process approaches, quality and prove-out considerations etc

An implementation timeline with realistic expectations and goal setting across the decision chain


addwizeTM works at three streams to scale
the adoption of AM in an organization.

What is required is a structured and a systematic approach to adopt, apply and accelerate Additive Technology, which integrates all of the above influences to create the value for business and desired opportunities for academia

This is where addwizeTM by Wipro 3D comes in


scale vectors

Why isunique?

Wipro 3D addwizeTM does not stop at mere recommendations and advice but is designed to work with organizations and academia in bringing the 'technology' home. The program is not just information sharing but works shoulder to shoulder with stakeholders across the organizations and with academia at different levels to share knowledge, expertise, insights, skills and learning

For businesses, addwizeTM also offers a unique blend of a technical and commercial model that allows you to ramp up your commitment and investments at the right speed and time

For academia, it prepares students with requisite technology, insights, operational knowledge and project handling skills in Metal AM

is for you if

You would like to understand Metal Additive Manufacturing and would like to drive adoption in your organization/academic institution

If you are already evaluating Metal AM but not sure on how to proceed/minimise investment risk

You already have Metal AM as part of your future roadmap and are using it some form or shape

You have already invested in the technology and using it to optimize the returns of investment

The program is designed for stakeholders in Engineering, Technology, Design, R&D, Materials, Product Innovation, Strategy, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Procurement, Quality, Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing and Academia

Entrepreneurs across these industries can benefit from this program:

  • Automative
  • Industrial
    & tooling
  • Oil & Gas
  • Space
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • E-Mobility
  • Nuclear
  • FMCG
  • Academia

usage map

Customer Adoption Stages