Wipro 3D offers AM Consulting,  Additive Design & Engineering, Research & Development Solutions, Prototyping and Production volume Manufacturing services, right up to design, set up and operation of Captive AM centres.

Using our proprietary Additive Adaption Framework, Wipro 3D assesses AM adaption & Additive Design and Engineering opportunities for customers, and offers customised DFAM Consulting to achieve excellent value addition through the AM technology. Value delivery and business outcome remain a core consideration in our solutions and services, supported by a strong quality framework.

Additive Design of components at wipro3d is done with a value engineering mindset and a clear focus on tangible business benefits through technology intervention. Buildability, repeatability, functional performance, prove-out requirements and ''productionization'' are key drivers of component design or redesign.

Technical design is counterbalanced with commercial viability and a best-fit design is selected, with complete collaboration with our customers.

Topology optimization, monolithising child parts, reduction of joints, redoing flow paths, feature alterations, or simplification of features for faster turn around times.

All options are discussed, keeping in mind lifecycle costs, and post-processing complexities. Wipro 3D's Design offerings are offered either as a standalone service, as a part of the complete component realization solution or as part of our entire adaption services.

Simulation & Digital Validation of designs is offered as a bundled service along with Additive Engineering.

We use in-house as well as our ecosystem capabilities to offer a validation of Additive Engineering designs or design alterations, through generic or domain specific simulation knowledge and software.

In case where customers cannot share boundary conditions or input parameters, we work with customers in a federated arrangement to arrive at design validation.


Additive Manufacturing allows customers to rethink the way they design and engineer components, as well as transform existing geometries to deliver superior functionality or performance.

Wipro 3D's Additive Design and Engineering services are based on a deep understanding of various aspects of the technology such as the energy source and its behaviour, the feedstock and its characterization, the environment in which the interaction between the energy source and feedstock happens, metallurgy, thermal considerations, structures, heat treatment, machining and surface finishing technologies.

We thoroughly understand the deep interconnection between pre-build, build and post build strategies, to finally prove-out components that meet customers' production and service condition needs.

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