Wipro 3D offers AM Consulting,  Additive Design & Engineering, Research & Development Solutions, Prototyping and Production volume Manufacturing services, right up to design, set up and operation of Captive AM centres.

Using our proprietary Additive Adaption Framework, Wipro 3D assesses adaption opportunities for customers, and offers a customised Additive Manufacturing solution from a range of services. Value delivery and business outcome remain a core consideration in our solutions and services, supported by a strong quality framework.


Wipro 3D consultants and experts study the client context, define an adoption roadmap, jointly identify pilot and production projects, understand functional and performance expectations and discuss potential business value additions through Additive Manufacturing.

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Wipro 3D's prototyping services typically involve contribution at the concept or design stage. However, we also do work in the typical service bureau model from time to time, to initiate and develop engagements with customers.

Even so, best practices developed by Wipro 3D are included in prototype manufacturing projects with continuous discussions to evaluate moving the production to metal Additive Manufacturing, if there is a business case.

Wipro 3D's experience of process control, when it comes to production runs of short or mid-series, has resulted in methodology W3D manufacturing standards.

We have developed practices that offer a close cluster of results, when it comes to mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and required feature fidelity, when pre-build, in-build and post-build process and parameters are effectively synchronized.