Wipro 3D offers AM Consulting to customers in Research & Development Solutions, Prototyping and Volume Production Manufacturing services, Turnkey set up and operation of Captive AM centres.

Customers approach Wipro 3D in very early stages of product development or new design development with the requirement of altering the product for better functional delivery.

Wipro 3D brings to bear the entire experience and range of services to realize the component with a view of running production using metal AM.

Customers approach Wipro 3D with intricate geometries, or features of an already finalized design. Realization of such projects requires Wipro 3D to engage in developing a design of experiments, and customize parameters both in build and post build to be able to achieve the requirements.

These are long drawn projects with intense involvement from Wipro 3D experts as well as customer's specialists. In many cases, final surface management or feature finalization is done by third-party vendors, to deliver a finished project to customers.

Production level Industrial Metal AM printers, at times are delivered with standard parameter sets, that work well with pre-characterized Metal alloy powders. These powders are commonly and widely used in metal AM applications.

While Wipro 3D customizes these parameters to deliver custom properties and detail in different geometries, we are often presented with applications that require metal alloys that are quite different from these “standard” alloys. Wipro 3D carries the capability to offer process package development for new metal alloys to Metal Additive Manufacturing process. This would involve powder characterization, deposition prove-out, in build parameter development and post build parameter development to deliver a functionally proven component.


We participate in our customer's product development lifecycle, go to market plans, as well as value engineering projects, to support their business goals.

Typical requests are aimed at localization, faster time to market, improvement in functional performance, material substitution, supply chain optimization and business objectives.

Such developmental projects require technical resilience and ability, a collaborative mindset, research capabilities both in-house and in the partner ecosystem and business models that support such projects. Wipro 3D has all these attributes.

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