Wipro 3D offers AM Consulting,  Additive Design & Engineering, Research & Development Solutions, Prototyping and Production volume Manufacturing services, right up to design, set up and operation of Captive AM centres.

Using our proprietary Additive Adaption Framework, Wipro 3D assesses adaption opportunities for customers, and offers a customised Additive Manufacturing solution from a range of services. Value delivery and business outcome remain a core consideration in our solutions and services, supported by a strong quality framework.


Some of our Industrial customers eventually may wish to bring the technology in-house and develop captive Metal Additive Manufacturing centres. Wipro 3D recognizes this strategic imperative.

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  • A gradual ramp up right from Consulting, Additive Design upto Prototyping and Manufacturing services, finally culminating in deployment of a captive AM centre.
  • Alternatively, right from the get-go, we design, Program manage, deploy and operate the captive AM centre with the eventual aim of handing over operations to the customer.
  • Wipro 3D has developed it's own state-of-the-art solution centre, based on its learnings over the last 5 years and includes the entire set of learnings in this offering.

    We also offer to operate as part of our utilization services, any existing infrastructure related to metal AM with a view to improving return on investments as well as building internal capabilities.

    The objective of Wipro 3D's turnkey services, is to assist its customers in defining and systematically implementing an internally focussed Metal Additive Manufacturing Roadmap aimed at realizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing in relevant operations.

    Success in adapting metal 3D printing requires a trusted partner like Wipro 3D that offers end-to-end technical expertise, intensive consulting know-how and multiple engagement models that allow you, and your company, to experience the technology before investing in it for the long-term.