DFAM Design For Additive Manufacturing

Additive Engineering is a key competence required to derive maximum value from the AM Technology. A unique combination of domain knowledge, Additive Engineering principles, Structural Engineering, Metallurgy, Application Engineering, Optics, Powder Metallurgy, Conventional Machining, Thermal Engineering, and Business Consulting is used to design a complete solution that delivers business benefits to customers. Wipro 3D augments its additive and application engineering capabilities with strengths in modelling and simulation. DFAM, Design for additive manufacturing is just an art in designing for manufacturing industries. It aims at the production of parts with reduction in weight. DFAM, the design foradditive manufacturing is a revolutionary addition to the traditional manufacturing process.


Wipro 3D uses its Additive Thinking Framework to evaluate every component right from Service Conditions to design genesis and all the relevant information in between, to arrive at the most optimum design that satisfies a business case for using metal AM for production runs, enabling the client to bring technology into its mainstream operations. Our DFAM design for additive manufacturing process involves additive engineering, machines input, material parameters taken into consideration for business satisfaction.


Wipro 3D carries out various build simulations and validation on its design optimizations, both digital as well as on test rigs, in close collaboration with its clients. We have added 'build simulation' as an additional tool for process package validation and are constantly improving predictability to better our service quality to our clients. We carry the capability to offer our clients a co-creation of test beds as a final measure of prove outs, where a business case permits.


Repeatable and predictable quality of components can only be achieved when all influencing parameters and elements are defined and are proven to be controllable within an acceptable performance range on a repeatable basis.

We integrate Additive Engineering, digital data and machine setups, input process and material parameters, control of the build process and post manufacturing process parameters to arrive at a complete process package for each component/production run.

It is a capability that forms the core of our Additive Manufacturing and Quality Management System and allows us to 'mainstream' the technology for our clients.It is a capability that forms the core of our Additive Manufacturing and Quality Management System and allows us to 'mainstream' the technology for our clients.


Designing a process package for volumes brings in a host of other considerations including investments and overall business case, feasibility, reviewing design complexity, maintenance and upkeep of the process package and so forth. Based on the mandate, Wipro 3D starts upstream when designing the process package, to bake in production volume considerations.