Post Processing is a series of pre-planned operations on a component or a batch of components that make a 3D Printed part meet the required quality and end-use requirements.

A metal 3D Printed component needs a series of specialized interventions to transform it to a finished product that meets dimensional, mechanical and other properties required for end use. Wipro 3D has the unique capability to offer most post processing operations in-house.


Wipro 3D deploys best practices in careful sequencing and execution of operations right from 'Energy Off, Door Open' to separation of the component from the substrate. Appropriate powder extraction, build separation, stress handling and control of various types of contamination are some of the considerations that Wipro 3D takes into account while releasing the build.


Wipro 3D has a custom designed furnace with requisite chamber size and ability to carry out thermal treatment cycles to achieve the required stress relief and mechanical properties for components with varying metals and geometries.


We use a combination of conventional CNC multi axis machining, surface finishing techniques as well as custom coatings when demanded by the application to deliver service ready components.