Air Filtration system

  • Dual filtration system to contain harmful fumes.

Advanced Nozzles cleaning system

  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Automated drip and wipe mechanism

Hotend lifting mechanism

  • In situ nozzle switching for seamless printing of support materials
  • Automated drip and wipe mechanism

Bed Heating

  • Heated Aluminium platform with
  • Flexible build plate
  • Held in place with high-performance magnets

Enclosed Filament Chamber

  • A temperature and humidity monitored filament chamber to ascertain moisture content

Warm Filament Storage Bay

  • A temperature and humidity monitored filament chamber
  • Storage Space for Up To 8 kg

Smart Filament Sensor

  • Material runout sensor
  • Clog detection capability

IOT Enabled Smart Printer

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Control

WIPRO 3D F300-2

WIPRO 3D F300-2 printer comes with a robust system design meant for reliability and quality. This machine provides excellent print quality and outstanding performance. This best in class Industrial Grade 3D printer is designed and manufactured in India.


The WIPRO 3D F300-2 printer offers a simplified printing experience with a plug and print functionality. The IOT enabled, indigenously developed printer, works on Fused Filament Fabrication technology and offers remote monitoring and control capabilities, support for a wide range of materials, with self-cleaning nozzle and a humidity monitored warm filament storage bay.

Advanced FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology from WIPRO 3D ensures high resolution of prints and output of unmatched quality. This best-in-class 3D printer offers automatic bed levelling which allows for easy calibration before a print. The printer is also equipped with a high-performance extruder, with dual nozzle and in situ nozzle lifting mechanism, for seamless printing. Connectivity through Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB simplifies the handling of the machine. 7 inch capacitive touch screen display with extraordinary UI (User Interface) gives remarkable operating experience

Build Chamber

The build chamber for F300-2 is 300 mm X 300 mm X 300 mm. The print bed is a Heated Aluminium Build Platform with Removable PEI Sheet held in place by a unique latching mechanism to ensure flatness during the print. The machine comes with dual filtration with HEPA and Carbon filters within the body. The heated material storage bay at the bottom, provides extra room for storage of material and reduces the risk of raw filament deterioration due to moisture in the environment.


The WIPRO 3D F300-2 has dual nozzles which can print with two distinct filaments at once. Additionally, the drip and wipe mechanism of the nozzles is a self-cleaning feature, which cleans the nozzles at regular intervals. An efficient automatic nozzle lifting mechanism is installed here at the hot-end so that both nozzles can be efficiently used during the build process, especially for support materials.

The platform temperature can go up to 120°C. The Hotend temperature can go up to 280°C.

This machine prints using filaments of diameter 1.75 mm. It supports a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, PET-G, Nylon, Nylon- CF, TPU, TPE, PVA, etc.


WIPRO 3D F300-2 offers features to achieve a high quality of build. The warm filament storage chamber gives better option to store the filament up to 8 filament spools with avoiding atmospheric moisture induced deterioration of raw filaments. Self cleaning nozzles with drip and wipe mechanism keeps the print quality better. Featuring an all-metal body, this machine is impeccable, robust, and requires very little maintenance.


Industrial Grade 3D Printer
Compact Dual Nozzle Print Head
Magnetically Latched Base Plate With High-performance Magnets
Smart Runout Sensor
Dual Filteration System
  • Plug - Use - Play
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Automatic Shutdown
  • Kinematic 3 Point Bed Leveling
  • 300 x 300 x 300 mm Build Volume
  • Headted Aluminium Platform
  • Dual Filtration System
  • Temperature Controlled Build Chamber
  • Dual Nozzle
  • Advanced Nozzles Cleaning System
  • Hotend Lifiting Mechanism
  • Wide Material Range
  • 1.75 mm Dia Filament
  • Soluble Supports
Easy of
  • Touch Screen Console
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Live Feed Camera
  • Filament RunOut Notification
  • Warm Filament Storage Bay
  • All Metal Body
  • Bowden Type Extrusion
  • Platform Temp. Up to 120 °C
  • Hotend Temp. Up to 280 °C


WIPRO F300 3D printer comes with a robust system design meant for reliability and quality. This machine provides excellent print quality and outstanding performance. This best in class Industrial Grade 3D printer is designed and manufactured in India.

Printing Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology
Print Head Dual Nozzle
Layer Resolution 100 - 400 micron
Build Plate Heated Aluminium Platform with Flexible Build Plate, Held in place with High-Performance Magnets.
Build Volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm (11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 in)
Material Container Inbuilt Material Dispensing Unit with Smart Filament RunOut Sensor and Humidity Monitoring
Material Diameter 1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm (0.016 in) Default
X, Y, Z accuracy 10 microns in All
Print Head Travel Speed Up to 200 mm/s
Extrusion Speed Up to 600 mm3 /min
Nozzle Heat Up Time ~1 min
Build Plate Heat Up Time <4 min
Average Operating Sound < 50 dB
File Transfer USB, LAN, Wi-Fi
Build Plate Leveling Kinematic 3 Point Platform Balancing With Intelligent Mesh Levelling System
Support Soluble Supports Printable With Second Nozzle
Extruder Dual Nozzle With Nozzle Lifting System
Extruder cooling System Radial Fan Cooling The Extruder Block; Two Fans Cooling The Print
Hotend E3D V6 Hotend
Platform PEI Coated Flexible Spring Steel (Heated and Magnetically Latched)
Material Endstop Mechanical
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Operating system Linux
Processor Quad Core Cortex-A72
Touchscreen 7" Capacitive"
Camera Yes, 5 MP Wide-angle Camera 130° FOV
Available Materials PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, PET-G, Nylon, Nylon-CF, TPU, TPE, PVA
Software Bundle Simplify 3D or Other Slicing Softwares
Supported File Types  .stl, .obj, .3mf
Supported OS Mac OS X / Windows 7 & later / Linux
Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Layer Height 0.2mm (default)
Wall Thickness 0.4mm
Platform Levelling Three Point Levelling
Max Printing Temperature (Extruder) 280° C (536° F)
Maximum Platform Temperature 120° C (248° F)
Ambient Operation Temperature 20 - 30° C (68- 86° F)
Storage Temperature 0 - 35° C (32- 95° F)
Weight and Physical dimensions
Physical Dimension (W x D x H) 645 x 610 x 720 mm (25.4 x 24 x 28.3 in)
Device Weight  ~ 50 kg
AC Input 240 V ~ 2.5 A 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 850 W

Use Cases