addwizeTM by Wipro 3D for academia is an industry-aligned program on metal additive manufacturing, aimed at the most important outcome of building the AM competencies in students with right fitment to the industry needs.
AddwizeTM by Wipro 3D for academia is an industry-aligned program on metal additive manufacturing, aimed at the most important outcome of building the AM competencies in students with right fitment to the industry needs.
Genesis of the program
The Global Additive Manufacturing Market has recorded impressive growth across the entire AM value chain. As per various industry reports, AM worldwide is projected to grow in excess of US $22 billion globally by 2021. According to some estimates, the Indian 3D printing market alone is expected to be upwards of $75 million by 2021.
Industries across sectors such as Aerospace, Space, Defence, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Oil & Gas, Tooling and Healthcare are actively evaluating use cases of Additive Manufacturing, setting up strategic roadmaps and in some cases forming dedicated internal groups, to embark upon their respective AM journeys. Satellites of ISRO, electric vehicles of automotive factories, medical devices of bioengineering groups, reengineered tools of manufacturing units, RF feeders of electronic companies and monolithic drones of armed forces are some of the Indian case studies that highlight versatile use of metal AM.
It is clearly understood that Advanced Manufacturing and allied concepts that create the Industry 4.0 paradigm, are potentially the future of manufacturing. While wide scale adoption of AM is expected to happen in the near to mid-term future, there is no structured approach to creating a future ready workforce for AM, which will be one of the key tail winds for growth of the industry. Given that the technology, process, standards and manufacturing paradigms are evolving, it is imperative for reputed and responsible industries to step up and join hands with academia, to provide the required technology exposure and industry relevant application experience to faculty and students alike.
This is where addwizeTM for academia is designed and intended to play a significant role in carving the industry-ready future.
Why   for academia?
Additive manufacturing or 3D printing, and more specifically, metal additive manufacturing, is rapidly emerging as one of the potentially disruptive technologies currently being developed globally. It enjoys particular attention from the industry as a possible future of production.
As higher education institutions prepare for this reality, they clearly find the need to formulate and implement industry-relevant content that is well structured, immersive, and includes fundamental insights into what is still an evolving technology. Given the early adoption stage, this content can be effective when combined with deep involvement from practitioners and application engineers.
addwizeTM for academia, emanates from this thought and the most important outcome is building AM competency of the students with right fitment to the industry needs.
Program outline
The program provides
for a 45-hour 3-Credit course involving
Technology awareness sessions under the tutelage of industry experts
Immersion tour of the metal AM centre of Wipro 3D with direct insights into the operation of industry-grade metal AM systems and software
Case studies and assignments derived from the AM pursuits of Wipro 3D in servinTg the AM needs of auto, aero, energy, space, manufacturing, tooling, oil & gas sectors for major Indian and global companies
Content, delivery method and
  1. The student should have completed a 3-credit course in engineering graphics or engineering drawing with ability to handle any CAD modelling software.
  2. Student from all branches of engineering and technology who meet the pre-requisite 1 are eligible.
  3. The first batch size of the students is suggested to be 40 to 50.
  4. The program has to be co-ordinated by faculty members who will be required to undergo a 2-day orientation program at Wipro 3D.
  5. The pedagogy will broadly be based as per the learning outcomes delineated in revised Bloom’s taxonomy.
  1. Operational knowledge on AM processes, workflow, data preparation, materials, additive engineering & QMS practices for Metal AM.
  2. Immersive experience in the use of metal AM systems, build processing softwares and simulation-driven design (Topology Optimization).
  3. Competency built for evaluation, analysis and synthesis of accrued AM knowledge for handling the pre-designed project using AM.

Success in adapting metal 3D printing requires a trusted partner like Wipro 3D that offers end-to-end technical expertise, intensive consulting know-how and multiple engagement models that allow you, and your company, to experience the technology before investing in it for the long-term.

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